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How to engage the audience in an event with Meetinga

Meetinga is an application and a platform which can be opened through the app store or in a browser. It is used to organize and manage all kinds of events including but not limited to conferences, festivals, fairs, expos, workshops, etc. The numerous features allow an event to be held online, offline, or hybrid. The goal is to engage the audience and allow them to feel like they are personally present at the event. Engagement is the key feature that Meetinga hopes to elevate as well as the participant experience. Leaving a lasting impression is important when hoping to get good reviews, coverage, or increase retention.

There are many ways audiences can be engaged in an online event and there are a myriad of tools that can help with that. The organizer can ask the audience to pitch in ideas, rank something, leave a rating, participate in a quiz or game, fill out a survey, etc. Having the audience do something is the best and easiest way to engage with them. It is important to keep these brief so that the participants aren't bored and are more willing to answer. Including collaborative work is another great way to engage the audience. For example, in a workshop people can work in groups. Working in a group induces a sense of responsibility in each member that they have to not let the group down, thus increasing their participation and engagement. Additionally, people like games or competing, so a good example could be: the few participants who ask the most interesting questions will get a prize. Integrating competitions or gamifying the event a bit in different places will benefit not only you but the participants too. Audiences do not have a long attention span, and to keep them interested they want to feel important in a way that their opinion matters when they leave a rating or review and what they do have an impact like pitching ideas or answering a quiz. Technology like Meetinga and many other apps like Kahoot, mentimeter, and miro, to name a few, can be used to drive participants' engagement online.

Engaging with the audience is a crucial aspect of any event. Past participants will want to come again and they will be spreading the good word about the event causing more of other people to attend. Events are a great way to raise brand awareness and reach a larger audience. With an increase of attendees in an event, more leads can be generated for the company. People come to an event with various goals such as to buy something, to learn, meet new people, make business connections, etc.. Identifying the goals of the attendees and utilizing those gives an advantage when trying to improve engagement or to generate leads. These are the potential clients or customers of the company, and it is vital to grab hold of them as all current customers used to be leads too. With Meetinga it is much easier to engage with the attendees of your event, fulfill their goals, as well as connect with them. The networking system in the app facilitates the capturing of leads allowing you to push them down your marketing funnel. Some people are more ready to go through the funnel and some need a lot of work.


Event organizing is not just about inviting people to a get together and that's it. It is a whole process in which the organizer has to take into account details like location, speakers, attendees, agenda, participant satisfaction and engagement, pre and post event communication, etc.. Meetinga helps with all of that, but how exactly does it improve engagement? This is a key aspect of an event when discussing its success. Engagement is not only whether the people had fun or they learned something, but it is about whether they will share their experience with their friends or social media, will they visit your website or your partner's to buy something, will they come back to your event again next year, etc.. These are examples of factors that can easily be forgotten, but they might also be the most important.

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