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Meetinga application and it creation

Meetinga is a mobile solution for meeting planners looking for a customizable event app. It was created as a tool for organizers of meetings, conferences, fairs, and other online and offline events. The client can choose from more than 40 functionalities, facilitating the process of event organization and management. Additionally, the logo, colour scheme, and name are fully customizable in the application, so it can be specially adapted to the event. This gives the effect of a dedicated solution. Thanks to this the user will have the impression that the application they are using is a solution dedicated to them. We have also thought about the organizers of outdoor events. The challenge in organizing such fairs is fast and intuitive navigation of participants from point A to point B. Although it seems mundane, sometimes finding the shortest path to a chosen stand or one's own car in a huge parking lot required a lot of energy and time from the participant. To make it easier, we have prepared dedicated maps of the event with GPS navigation support in the application. As a result, the user saves time, which can be spent on making valuable contacts, and the event administrator does not have to worry about lost participants. Such a solution has been implemented at one of the largest agricultural fairs in this part of Europe - Agro Show. Meetinga encompasses a myriad of aspects of event planning in order to make your special occasion go flawlessly. It is intended for all kinds of events including online, offline, and hybrid. Meetinga makes even an online event feel just as real as if it was in person.


During the realization of the works, we met with several challenges that must be faced while creating such a universal product. At the initial stage (the so-called discovery) it was particularly important to establish a common vision of the application based on our clients' expectations. This is the most important phase of the project, which has a decisive impact on the proper course of the production process and satisfaction with the final product. During a series of workshops, we defined the final shape of functionality in response to previously collected expectations.

Another particularly important element was the look of the application. We wanted each client to be able to adapt Meetinga to the needs and the uniqueness of their event. That is why we made sure that both the administrative panel available to the event organizer and the mobile application, which will be used by the participants, were well thought-out and intuitive. This is especially important because Meetinga is now a global solution, and we know that many users from different parts of the world use our solution. Customers are using our app in North America and Europe to support their events. We wanted everything to be easy to understand when using the app for the first time.

When designing Meetinga, we knew that at practically every event we could expect many users at the same time, who would be using our solution intensively throughout the day. Therefore, system stability, reliability, and a scalable server infrastructure were of paramount importance to deliver the product as intended. The infrastructure we created protected both applications from peaks of up to tens of thousands of users that can occur at an event as well as through online sessions.

During the creation of the application, we used Python programming language (Django) to prepare the CMS, and native languages (Swift and Kotlin) to create mobile applications for iOS and Android. The use of native solutions allows not only for better performance and stability of the solution, but also has a positive impact on the security of the data collected there. Due to a large number of recipients and the assumption that the system will be B2C, we focused on a large number of functional, automated and security tests.


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Meetinga was thoughtfully designed for event organizers. It is an application which helps plan and manage events as well as communicate with the participants effectively. It can be used for any kind of event whether it is offline, online, or hybrid. The view of the application is fully customizable for an individual approach. The process of creating Meetinga was long but fulfilling where all aspects of the customers’ needs were taken into consideration.

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